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Print Collections

How to collect you prints after and exhibition

After each exhibition ends you will have the opportunity to collect your print from our High Street Gallery. In order to do this, you must:

1.Tell us in advance you wish to collect your print.
At the each exhibition we sort the prints into donation, collection and Sale & Promotion. We prepare these in advance and have them ready for you to collect. If you don't tell us you want to collect your print, your print won't be available to collect and our staff will ask you to return at a later date. Please inform us you wish to collect BEFORE the exhibition ends. If you do not tell us, your print will be destroyed.

2. Deadlines.
After each exhibition you will have till the end of the following month to collect your print, THIS WILL NOT BE EXTENDED.

3. Can someone else collect for you?
If you can't make it and wish to send a friend or family member please give them the required information to collect your print.
Your exhibiting name, the exhibition you participated in and a brief description of the image.
Also inform them of the gallery address and the collection timescale.

Anyone collecting a print will be asked to sign for these prints for security reasons.


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